Our goal is to connect job seekers with brands from shopping malls across Europe
and make it the easiest way the smart phone generation expects.

“After a few months of cooperation, we understood that this was not another advertising portal. The simplicity of using the service of was a pleasant surprise for us. We value the results positively and the price of 155 € / month pays for us even with our 9 stores in the Czech Republic, so I can imagine that this must be a super-efficient tool for other shopping centre tenants with tens of shops.”

(Markéta Pražská, recruitment, Retail Fashion s.r.o., for 9 stores in the Czech Republic, since 2019)

“Thanks to the cooperation with, the costs of advertising with advertising portals have dropped significantly, now we can do without them most of the year. Also, time saving is extreme.”

(Zdeněk Špála, HR department, Hennes & Mauritz CZ s.r.o., for more than 40 stores in the Czech Republic, since 2019)

“On the labour market of today, many people apply on their own or use well-tried advertising portals. A large number of CVs does not automatically mean good candidates. Therefore, we use the service of Compared to advertising portals, we receive fewer CVs but they are from applicants who have found work in the shopping centres on their own and know exactly to which position they are responding.”

(Dominika Stašková, HR manager, Tesco Stores ČR a.s., for more than 20 stores in the Czech Republic, since 2019)



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